Fiddle & Piano is the best free tool to help you learn fiddle tunes by ear. It allows you to loop part of the tune, modify the tempo while keeping the same pitch. Most of the available tunes include a video showing the position of the fiddler's fingers. It offers a vast repertoire of fiddle tunes played by well known Canadian fiddlers. Each tune includes a piano accompaniment that can be adjusted to your tempo. Fiddle And Piano is compatible with IPhone, IPad an IPod. The list of available tunes grows regularly.

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Available Tunes :

24 Juin Reel
A Visit From The Tune Master Reel
Aaron Memorial Waltz Waltz
Alex MacDonald of Creignish Clog
Altantic Polka Reel
Angus Campbell Reel
Archie Menzie Reel
Ashokan Farewell Slow Air
Banks Hornpipe Hornpipe
Bazurka Clog
Big John McNeil Reel
Black Velvet Waltz Waltz
Bonjour Comment Ca Va Reel
Bowing The String Reel
Carignan's Favorite Reel
Cat Fish Jig Jig
Cat Scratch Reel Reel
Coffee Is Strong Jig
Compliments To Sean Maguire Clog
Countess Of Dufferin Reel
Country Waltz Waltz
Curtis And Ivan's 2 Step Reel
Dennis Alexander The Great Reel
Devil's Dream Reel
Don Messer Waltz Waltz
Donegal's Reel Reel
Farewell To Inez Waltz
Fisher's Hornpipe In D Reel
Fisher's Hornpipe In F Reel
Gigue De Joliette Jig
Glenda's Hornpipe Hornpipe
Gracie's Jig Jig
Graham Townsend Memorial Reel Reel
Growling Old Man And Old Woman Reel
High Level Hornpipe Hornpipe
Honeysuckle Hornpipe Hornpipe
Humors Of Westport Reel
Irish Washerwoman Jig
Jacinthe Trudeau's Reel
Jiggin At The Ok Corral Jig
John And Vicki's 2 Step Reel
Joys Of Quebec Reel
La Gigue Canadienne Reel
La Guenille Reel
La Ronfleuse Gobeil Reel
Le Bonhomme Et La Bonne Femme Reel
Lisa Lynn Waltz Waltz
Little Burnt Potato Jig
Llancesau Trefaldwyn Jig Jig
Lord Alexander's Reel Reel
Macdonald's Reel Reel
Maple Sugar Reel
Mason's Apron Reel
Master Shawn's Waltz Waltz
Mc Millan's March Reel
Millie's Jig Jig
Min Fogal's Waltz Waltz
Miss Mcleod Reel
Mitton's Breakdown Reel
Money Musk Reel
Moving Cloud Reel
Murray River Jig Jig
My Cape Breton Home Waltz
My Dungannon Sweetheart Jig
Nellie Grayslow Reel
Norweigen Waltz Waltz
Oncle Henry's Reel Reel
Paul's Jig Jig
Pointe Au Pic Reel
Red River Jig Jig
Red Wings Reel
Reel Au Dubois Reel
Reel De Carignan Reel
Reel De La Beauce Reel
Reel De Mon Voisin Reel
Reel De Rimouski Reel
Reel De St-Antoine Reel
Reel Des Esquimaux Reel
Reel Des Jaloux Reel
Reel Du Goglu Reel
Reel Du Printemps Reel
Reel Lindbergh Reel
Rick & Donna's Jig Jig
Rolling Blossom Reel Reel
Romeo's 1st Change Jig
Rooster On The Fence Reel
Saint George Jig Jig
Saratoga Hornpipe Hornpipe
Scottish Waltz Waltz
Sean Maguire Reel Reel
Shannon Waltz Waltz
Sherbrooke Reel Reel
Sherri's Waltz Waltz
Sid The Kid Reel
Smash The Window Jig
Ste-Anne's Reel Reel
Tennesse Waltz Waltz
The Boys Of Oak Hill Reel
The Flowing Tide Clog
The Great Eastern Reel
The Lonesome Cowboy Waltz
The Piper's Inn Reel
The Wind That Turns The Mill Reel
Tim Horton's Jig Jig
Tom Marsh Hornpipe Hornpipe
Tommy's Reel Reel
Townsend Hornpipe Hornpipe
Turkey In The Straw Reel
Two Step D' Armand Reel
Village Carrousel Walz Waltz
Walker Street Reel
Welcome To Shetland Reel
Westfallia Waltz Waltz
White Fish In The Rapids Reel
Wood Chopper's Breakdown Reel

Accordeon Polka
Bracebridge Centennial Hornpipe
La Tuque Bleue
Quadrille Montcalm
Reel De L'enfant
Reel De La Veuve
Reel De Napoleon
Reel Jean-Paul Beaulieu
Reel Marcel Messervier
Reel Paul Charlebois
Rolloway Hornpipe