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Privacy Policy.

Created by: Rene Dacier

Modified on: Sun, 20 Dec, 2020 

What Information Does Fiddle & Piano Collect About Me?

Fiddle & Piano collects nothing about you or your usage habits. We use the services of to manage the renewable subscriptions. For this purpose the following information is used for the sole purpose of "Analytics" and "App Functionality". None of this data is sold or transmitted to any other party.

This is a table of user data that is collected using Apphud SDK.




Device locale


Device language

Time zone

Device time zone


User's region code of locale

Current IP address

Current external ip-address


Device platform. Possible values: iOS

Device family

Device family. Possible values: iPhone, iPad

Device model

Device mode, for example, iPhone X

OS version

iOS version at this device

Current app version

Current app version

Start app version

First app version that was registered in Apphud for this device

Push token

Push notifications token

Do You Track Me On The Web?

No. Fiddle & Piano is not a web-based app, and it doesn't know your internet activities. We don't care about what you do on the internet. 

Does Fiddle & Piano Sell My Information?

No. Since Fiddle & Piano does not collect or retain any of your personal data, there's nothing to sell. Fiddle & Piano doesn't show you any advertisements, and has no information about you to sell to advertisers.

What Information Does This Website Collect About Me?